Hello and welcome to my new site showcasing a range of my Wildlife Art

I’m a Zookeeper currently on a career break whilst raising my own little primate 🙂

Most of the subjects of my artwork are animals I’ve known & worked with, so they’re personal. I’ve worked with all sorts of animals, but specialise in primates, particularly gorillas, but there is no animal I’m not interested in.
If I’m painting or drawing an animal I don’t know personally, I usually find that I learn a bit about their story, who they are & what they are like as I work, I like the way this creates a connection with an animal I wouldn’t have otherwise known and remembered. My portraits are almost always about the individual rather than just an anonymous wildlife subject, and I hope this comes across in the end result.
I’m currently trying to diversify & experiment a bit with different media, techniques & subjects (gorillas aren’t very colourful so I sometimes like a change), & I’m on a constant quest to find the best way of fitting this in around mum stuff.

I do occasionally sell originals, prints & cards, & will accept commissions, so let me know if there’s something you’re interested in and would like more info.